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Service and Support for developers

To better integrate the showing of Cycloramas with the processes in an organisation CycloMedia makes its GlobeSpotter viewer available to developers.

To realise a smooth link CycloMedia has made two Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available.

1) The ATLAS Recording Service API
ATLAS is the name given to the database in which all the data relating to Cycloramas is stored. The Recording Service is based on this database. This Web Feature Service (WFS) makes it possible to request recording locations within a certain area, after which they can be shown on your map. The ATLAS Recording Service is therefore specifically intended for GIS integrations.

Download ATLAS Recording Service API

2) The GlobeSpotter API
GlobeSpotter is the new Cycloramas viewer that is already available as a complete application on GlobeSpotter. This API is suitable for showing Cycloramas on the basis of an XY coordinate, address (NL only), or imageID.

Download GlobeSpotter API documentation

Download GlobeSpotter API for DotNet 32/64 Bits

Code examples

SLD styling
GlobeSpotter supports advanced styling of overlaying layers. A documents about how to setup such a layer can be found here.

  • Some of the (municipal) customers have Cycloramas on a local server. It is not yet possible to use APIs in these locations. In March 2011 we will start on updating the local installations. This will involve a small update of your integration.

Developer Key
Developing with CycloMedia software requires a developer key. If you don't have a key yet you can request one using the contact form.


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