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GO+ | 02 May 2022

Product Manager Klaas Löwenthal about GeoObjects+

What would it be like to have at a glance the location of the six most important management objects in the public space including the possible mutation of those objects? According to us and our customers, this would be a huge addition when it comes to asset management. With Geo Objects+ the above becomes reality and many professionals can start working with it right away. What exactly GeoObjects+ is, how it came about and how product manager Klaas Löwenthal experienced this process you can read in this interview.

What is GeoObjects+?

GeoObjects+ is a product we have developed that is primarily designed to help municipalities gain better insights into the assets they manage. By mapping these through our imagery and LiDAR we can proactively map the locations of the most requested assets (Traffic Signs, Road Markings, Street Lighting, Wells, Pits, Trees) within BGT accuracy (<30cm) with a completeness of 90% or better, generally outperforming.

In addition we have learned that the management demand of the data is an important part. For this reason we have developed a service that can do mutation alerts based on the location data of the assets, where after each new trip we can indicate whether the object was already there, is new, or has been removed.

How was GeoObjects+ created?

It came about after we did extensive research in the market to see where any needs lay. We have always received many inventory questions, often going deep into complexity. This complexity made solid inventories pricey. What we wanted to achieve with GeoObjects+ is that we can deliver the locations of 6 objects for a relatively low price and make it easy for the customer to add their own complexity, for example by easily integrating the data into their own software or linking it to existing management data. In this way, we can help more customers with their management needs and tracking.

How did you experience the development of GeoObjects+?

The creation of GeoObjects+ was an interesting process, where we already had an inkling of what was interesting in the market, what we are good at and what the potential of the product could become. By doing interviews with about 25 municipalities, we were actually able to confirm what we were hoping for and create a roadmap for the objects that are not currently within GeoObjects+. It is nice to see how an idea that was made possible by the technical developments we have been going through in the past years has come to life as an actual product that can really contribute to better insights. At the same time we are pushing our own technical capabilities.

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