Aerial Netherlands

Since 2008, CycloMedia offers annual digital aerial pictures of the entire country with a razor-sharp 10 cm resolution with LuchtfotoNL (Aerial pictures the Netherlands). The aerial pictures are taken in the leafless season as much as possible in order to guarantee the good visibility of objects on the ground. LuchtfotoNL is available in three formats: Stereo10, Ortho10 and Ortho50.

The Stereo10 product has a guaranteed geometrical quality for use with stereo mapping of the Basic Registration Large Scale Topography (Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie). Stereo10 is, for instance, used by all large engineering firms for their BGT, BAG (Basic Registration Addresses and Buildings) and GBKN (Large Scale Standard Map) mapping. Stereo10 is the very best BGT aerial photographs source file.

CycloMedia's LuchtfotoNL products are an essential source of information for application in work processes such as:
- Change detection.
- Maintenance of GBKN, BGT, and BAG.
- Determination of the value of houses, buildings and land (Real Estate Valuation Act, WOZ).

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