An Aquarama is a 360-degree panorama photograph made from the water. Cyclomedia Aquaramas immediately form a good image of the surroundings. Because a shot is taken every 5 metres, objects can be seen from various angles. Aquaramas allow fast and simple collection of information about everything that is located at the water's edge in the outdoor space, such as environments, objects, quay finishes, vegetation or signs.

From the Aquarama the desired object can directly be seen on your screen from the water without anyone having to make a field visit. Thanks to a quick link with a GIS application, the current data can be coupled to the real image of the surroundings. The high image quality of the Aquaramas makes it possible to effect measuring in them.

The system with which Aquaramas are made is mobile and can be applied on almost any boat. Often, a boat and skipper of the client is used to facilitate the shooting.

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