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Low Voltage Network

Futureproof asset management

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The Importance of Low Voltage Networks and Virtual Surveys

Maintaining a safe resilient network through responsible asset management is critical to providing security of electricity supplies. Low voltage overhead poles and conductors are some of the oldest assets owned by distribution utilities. Maintenance activities are costs are increasing each regulatory period.

Best-in-class data

What Can Cyclomedia do?

Monitor low voltage assets remotely at a lower unit cost while providing:

  • A view of hazards (including vegetation) affecting the LV network, at 2cm accuracy
  • A visual condition assessment of up to 200 poles a day, returning high-definition imagery for each pole. 
  • A consistent, auditable and accurate report on surveyed poles 
  • Cloud hosting of all the survey data


Virtual survey provides a reduction in the unit costs of overhead line safety inspections while providing the utility with a rich source of visual data available within their enterprise IT systems. 

Key Challenges and Solutions

Modern electricity distribution networks face several challenges. Here’s how we address them:


  • Reduce emissions in the electric power system
  • Drive expansion of cost-competitive low-carbon electricity


Precision, Efficiency, and Safety

  • Capture accurate asset data, cutting survey time by 50% and costs by 60%.
  • Provide visual evidence for regulatory compliance and track workplace injuries (LTI records) to enhance safety.


Workforce and Digital Optimization

  • Centralize data to reduce travel; one vehicle does the work of multiple surveyors.
  • Utilize a cloud-based virtual survey platform, integrating seamlessly with systems like Fugro Roames and ArcGIS.
  • Combine vegetation management, asset management, and monitoring in one survey.


Extensive Coverage and Unified Data

  • Survey large areas quickly with 75 vehicles, completing in weeks instead of months.
  • Store and access versatile data centrally, ensuring safety with precise clearance measurements.


These solutions enhance precision, efficiency, safety, and compliance in electricity distribution networks.

Benefits & Differentiators

Modern electricity distribution networks face numerous challenges that require advanced solutions. We capture precise asset data, reducing survey time by 50% and costs by 60%. 

Our system ensures safety by maintaining a Lost Time Injury record and providing consistent visual evidence for regulatory compliance. Centralized data and reporting eliminate extensive travel, optimizing workforce efficiency. Our cloud-based virtual survey platform supports digital transformation and integrates seamlessly with third-party systems. 

We complete large area surveys quickly, storing versatile data on a unified platform for easy access. 

Integrated tools allow precise clearance calculations and combine multiple management tasks into one survey. These solutions enhance precision, efficiency, safety, and compliance in electricity distribution networks.

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