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Asset Management

There are some 800,000km of low-voltage network in Britain alone. That means keeping tabs on assets and their condition is a mammoth job. Remote surveying is an exciting area for DNOs right now, and it’s been underinvested in. Cyclomedia’s powerful camera technology and the speed of turnaround time from capturing data to providing the information helps utility companies not only understand what the network looks like, but how it is performing. The first step to predictive mainentance.

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Street lighting is vital for public infrastructure, the 56+ million lamp posts across Europe provide elementary public safety.

Street lighting companies that own and maintain this infrastructure are crucial players in the development of modern, energy-efficient street lighting to comply with EU directives. In the US and Europe, some even implement connected street lighting platforms and use centralised management systems to improve customer service and meet energy and emission targets within local areas. All this while improving their bottom line thanks to lower maintenance costs. Switching to LED lighting leads to 50% - 80% cost and CO2 reductions over time.


White paper street lighting

Street lighting is vital for public infrastructure, the 56 million lamp posts across Europe providing public safety.


Inspecting objects remotely

Utility Pole Among Trees

Networks are often extensive, while budgets and resources limited. Timely inspection and maintenance can often be a big challenge. The outdoor environment constantly changes, but there is often insufficient insight into these changes. This can lead to unnecessary risks and/or costs.

Cyclomedia imagery enables online inspections, without leaving your desk. You can map the layout of pipes and the construction of transformer stations using historic photographs. You'll have an insight into all the relevant actual changes and the risks involved. 

Asset maintenance

Utility Pole Assets

Utility companies often have government maintenance contracts for the items they operate, such as lampposts, for example. To draw up these contracts and carry out maintenance, an up-to-date database of all those items is vital. Often, the registration of the location and quality of the assets is inconsistent or varies too much from the actual situation. 

Cyclomedia imagery gives you online insight into the exact position of the various parts of a network. For instance, you can see from your desk whether cables, pipes or houses are on private property or council land. You can improve the quality of network data and its locations without any digging or site visits.

Vegetation management

One of the biggest challenges facing utility companies today is vegetation overgrowth. Due to limited funds, vegetation control projects are often tackled in phases, creating a never-ending cycle of maintenance. Cyclomedia vegetation management services provide valuable insights into your utilities. Analysts can see which power line poles have attachments, which poles support third-party equipment, how much load a pole is bearing and if poles are vined or encroached by trees and other vegetation. All this information allows our utility clients to proactively create precise plans for remediation. 


  • View utility lines and order remediation without ever entering the field
  • More cost effective than traditional methods
  • Increased safety and reduced risk, both for the company and the general public

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James Bateman

Utility Director Europe