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Blog | 08 July 2024

ArcGIS Experience Builder

ArcGIS Web App Builder is retiring and will be replaced by Experience Builder.

Since you are a Cyclomedia customer and use our data in ArcGIS, we would like to inform you of this change so that you can continue to use our data in ArcGIS.

About the change

Until now, we used the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to integrate Cyclomedia's data into ArcGIS Online or Enterprise. Esri has announced that the developer edition of the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, the version that includes Cyclomedia's integration, will be retired in July 2024.

The Experience Builder will replace the functionality of the Web AppBuilder. Although it will (most likely) continue to work, Esri's recommended path is to migrate applications to ArcGIS Experience Builder. This way, you can take advantage of new features in ArcGIS and stay abreast of changes in browser technology.

Cyclomedia has built a new integration for Experience Builder to support this transition. 

Check out the demo

We've created a helpful demo so you can instantly see what the new widget looks like. Experience it for yourself!


Go to demo

What steps should you take?

1.            Download: Go to the ArcGIS marketplace and download the Experience Builder. Click here.

2.            Installation: Find the Installation Guide here.

Note: ArcGIS Enterprise only supports the Experience Builder for version 11.0 or higher.

When should you take these steps?

The developer edition will be retired in July 2024, coinciding with the retirement of ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 3.x.   

Do you need support?

If you have additional questions, please contact our service desk.

Want to learn more about Esri's transition? Read Esri's blog here.