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Blog | 24 January 2022

A new dimension

2022 is all about progress. Is a 2D GIS still sufficient when it comes to solving and visualizing complex problems that we encounter in the real world? Or is more needed to simulate and present changes? 3D is the future and here's why.


A GIS is used to record information about the outside world. Think of roads, buildings, vegetation, bridges, etc. Great for managing, analyzing and sharing data, especially if the data is of excellent quality and can be clearly visualized. However, does traditional 2D GIS still meet the standards required today to map and adapt to a rapidly changing world? Perhaps in some cases yes, but 3D is no longer music of the future, but the new tomorrow.

Twinning is winning

A digital twin is a virtual representation of the real world. You have probably heard of it. Such a digital twin makes it possible for governments and companies to create, for example, virtual models of physical objects or buildings (BIM) and then bring them to life. The possibilities are not limited to just placing objects, because even the impact of such a new object can be simulated in a digital twin. Think of simulating shadow when a high building or a windmill has to be placed or the smart line of sight analysis. The latter makes it possible to simulate in the digital representation of reality how far the human eye or a security camera can reach from a certain point. safety first!

What can it mean for you?

As a professional, you probably run into problems on a daily basis that are a thing of the past with the switch from 2D to 3D. With the digital twin, you have more visual reference, better contextual interpretation, the ability to perform extensive analysis before anything actually happens in the real world, and even the ability to take key stakeholders or citizens on a journey through your city or project. This year already we will create the entire country of The Netherlands in 3D. So keep an eye on the developments and don't miss anything about the switch to 3D. We will keep you informed!