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News | 09 March 2022

New high quality panoramic images for in Czech Republic


The Czech internet leader is currently publishing the first part of new panoramic data on the platform. The data, captured by Cyclomedia, covers the road networks of the western third of the Czech Republic and the 21 largest cities in the entire Czech Republic.

As part of the first wave of data release, publishes images of almost 14,000 kilometers covering most of the large cities in the Czech Republic, as well as the first part of the western third of the country. In total the amount of collected data is 38 000 kilometres of Czech land, and there are 2.8 million new panoramic images. The image resolution is approximately three times better compared to the previous solution. Below you see a cyclorama in the city of České Budějovice, South Bohemia.

Jan Kunz, product manager of, says: We are happy to publish these new pictures. Their delivery was postponed by the pandemic of covid-19. We were facing new technical challenges such as recognitions of faces covered by face masks.

This year, Cyclomedia's world-leading fleet of image data collection and processing will begin to appear on the streets in early April. Around ten cars should drive in the field at the same time.

This year, from the beginning of April, Cyclomedia is going to capture more images for  Approximately 10 cars will be driving the roads of the Czech Republic.