CycloMedia is proud to announce that OS (Ordnance Survey) in the UK choose CycloMedia to carry out a project for mobile mapping data capture and feature extraction. CycloMedia will take on the Mobile Mapping part of the project and has 2 subcontractors for the feature extraction work.

The initial project is a pilot in a pre-defined area (160 kms) that includes Southampton and Bournemouth, England, but must be scalable to a national extent with the ability to conduct regular updates and maintenance.

OS is researching options to collect and maintain greater feature attribution and geometry at street level than it currently does. And they are looking at how this can be achieved through a methodology that is scalable to a national extent using an innovative, highly efficient and automated technology. The project is in support of investigative work that OS is undertaking into the potential uses of street-side feature geometry and associated attribution to meet various use cases; CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles), radio signal propagation (5G) and utility operations for example.

CycloMedia already started the capture of the data.

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