Tax assessment

The annual valuation of properties, interrelated processes, and the tight turnaround to execute projects mean that municipalities have to plan several years ahead. These days, is more important than ever to carry out the various processes efficiently. The use of footage plays an extremely important role in this. At a glance, you can see an object's maintenance needs, character and environment. The usage of recent and complete imagery is therefore also strongly recommended by the Property Assessment Board.


Cycloramas are important visual tools for property valuation processes, such as market analysis, recording of object characteristics, handling of objections and determining the value. Using up-to-date footage improves the quality of these processes and makes them more efficient. You can assess the value of real estate more accurately, which results in higher tax revenues and fewer complaints. It also reduces visits to your sites, which in turn will considerably reduce costs. And where an on-site visit still is required, this can be done with improved quality and more efficiently.

"We save 750 outside visits per month"

"We save 750 outside visits per month"

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