Public order and safety

Visual support for Control Rooms

In a control room, every second counts. As soon as an alert comes in it is essential to have good insight in the location of the alert and the immediate surroundings as quickly as possible. The situation can quickly be mapped remotely using CycloMedia's up-to-date imagery. Control rooms use CycloMedia's up-to-date imagery for fire alarms, among other things.

When a fire is reported, the property is mapped with detailed information of the building. In the source area questions such as: 'Where are the doors?' and 'How is the building constructed?' can be answered immediately. But the area affected is also well mapped. Very relevant if there are schools or storage facilities for chemical waste nearby, for example. Based in the information gleaned from the footage, decisions on which resources are best used can be made quickly.

In order to then optimise the accessibility for the emergency services (fire brigade and ambulance), the access routes for these services are mapped out. The emergency services can be informed quickly about potential dangers and obstacles at the location. This reduces the response time to an absolute minimum and saves lives.

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