Asset management and maintenance

Utility companies often have maintenance contracts with the government for the items they operate, such as lampposts. To draw up these contracts and carry out maintenance, an up-to-date database of all those items is very important. Often, the registration of the location and quality of the assets is inconsistent or varies too much from the actual situation. But there is a statutory obligation to indicate exactly where which assets are located.

CycloMedia's visuals gives you online insight in the exact position of the various parts of a network. For instance, you can see from your desk whether cables, pipes or houses are on private property or council land. You can improve the quality of network data and its locations without digging or site visits.

Thanks to the national coverage and high resolution images you can scan a certain area for specific assets systematically, both semi-automatically and manually. This way you can create a database quickly and efficiently and record items such as lighting, transistor houses, etc. This will allow you to accurately support your maintenance contracts.

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