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FTTX Planning, Design and Deployment

Improve speed of your fiber deployments and save costs with less engineering time by using Cyclomedia Street Level data and integrated AI

Rollout faster with Cyclomedia

Cyclomedia enables you to reduce costs associated with onsite visits (up to 80%) and engineering time (up to 90%), through the usage of highly accurate Street Level Imagery & Analytics.

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How we can help you with your FTTX rollout

Collect demographic data

Bring fieldwork to the desk and use Cyclomedia’s reliable data to plan FTTH roll out

Virtual site survey

Perform site surveys through Cyclomedia’s Street Smart interactieve web viewer

Automate network designs

Use data insights as input for automation of high and low level designs

Validate completed work

Avoid miscommunication between survey- and engineer teams with the Street Smart app

Collect demographic data

One of the main goals of the strategic network planning is to determine if, where and when a FTTH route should be rolled out. In this phase, demographic data is needed to determine if a profitable business case can be made to justify the investment. For example:

  • Number of buildings
  • Number of households in a building
  • Type of building

Bring the fieldwork to the desk by using Cyclomedia’s imagery and data solutions. The strategic network planning will take less time and will cost less money. Stay ahead of your competition with Cyclomedia.

Virtual site survey

Through the Cyclomedia Street Smart interactieve web viewer, you will be able the gather information, perform site surveys and evaluatie all findings directly from your desktop without needing to send engineers into the field.

Thanks to the best-in-class image resolution of our Cyclorama’s and the accuracy of the LiDAR mapping, we will be able to easily perform several activities such as:

  • Overlay feature data
  • Check cost enhancing obstructions
  • Measure distances with minimum of deviation
  • Draw 2D/3D structures over the images

Download: 5IVE Fiber Facts

Facts that FTTX leaders want to know

Automate network design

When you are creating a high/low level design, detailed information on the geography of the proposed routes, as well as existing network infrastructure (such as street cabinets) is needed.

Cyclomedia’s Insights360 platform applies machine learning techniques to imagery and LiDAR data, producing unmatched completeness and accuracy in automated asset extraction.

Therefore, CSPs can automate engineering and optimize (for cost and time) routes given detailed information on:

  • Surface types (i.e. concrete, tiles, ornamental paving)
  • Trees
  • Street furniture (i.e. containers, valves, fire hydrants)
  • Poles
  • Cabinets & manholes

Validation of completed work

Mistakes often take place because of miscommunication between people. Therefore it is incredibly important to have alignment between field survey teams and design/engineering teams.

With Cyclomedia’s Street Smart app, the public space is always within reach for everyone and wherever they are. The app provides access to our high resolution imagery, maps, aerial photographs and oblique.

The Street Smart app includes the powerful and new Snapshot functionality. This allows you to take real time pictures with your iOS or Android mobile device which you can easily upload to your software. Why?

  • Create alignment between planning and survey teams
  • Create digital records of fiber routes
  • Build proof in case of conflicts

Take the next step when it comes to fiber planning

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For CSPs based in Germany

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