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Over the years, the telecom industry has become an increasingly complex market, with increased competitive pressure. Many market players compete for the same customers, both business and consumers. At the same time, there is enormous pressure on innovation and investments in network infrastructure and operational activities.

As a market leader in the field of location intelligence, Cyclomedia has developed specialized solutions for the telecom industry.  By capturing, analysing and utilizing information on network assets in a smarter way. Cyclomedia positively impacts one of the major issues for the telecom industry pressured by operational costs and client churn. 

For network planning and design and network construction and maintenance, it’s imperative to understand the context of the location.

Cyclomedia provides:

  • INSIGHT – The necessary location intelligence for a specific location; context and insight (e.g. assets, buildings and roads). 
  • ACCELERATION – more and better information leads to a better and faster time-to-market creating a crucial competitive advantage and improved customer satisfaction.
  • COLLABORATION – All the information and insights are directly accessible to all parties involved. Providing one coherent and clear visual projection and context of the situation.
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