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Claim/accident handling

As an insurer, you want to handle claims based on the right information. However, the information you receive from an insured sometimes needs a little more context so that you can make a decision based on it.

Think about a claim after a storm. By consulting historical images of a certain location, you can immediately see whether the fallen fence from the claim was actually there or whether the information is incorrect. Damage to roofs can also be seen within one mouse click from our detailed aerial photos. In short, data in the form of reliable images of the public space provide context to the situation. Not a superfluous luxury when it comes to claim settlement.

How Cyclomedia can help


Give context to situations by consulting images of public space


Gather all the information you need from behind your desktop

Less Costs

Save time and money by doing fewer site visits

Cyclorama Luxemburg

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A 360° panoramic view at street level

Street Smart

The interactive web viewer for all Cyclomedia data

Street LiDAR

3D point cloud of the public environment

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