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As a public space manager, you are responsible for everything in the public space. Think about vegetation, playground equipment, lighting, streets and even sewers. It is therefore important to know where all the objects are and whether anything has changed. How do you spend the budget in the best possible way and what can help you do this?

Good data from the public space is an important source when it comes to managing and maintaining objects in the public space. This makes work preparation for a new project a lot easier, automatic change detection means you know what has changed, and last but not least, you can include stakeholders and citizens in your plans.

How Cyclomedia can help


With all image data of the public space in one place, the outdoors is within reach


With the best image data, informing stakeholders and citizens is no longer an obstacle


Spend your budget wisely and make the most of data that really contributes to better management

Most popular products

What products help you manage public space?


The six most important assets in one database


Een 360° panoramisch beeld op straatniveau

Street Ortho

Detailled imagery from road perspective

Try Street Smart for free for two weeks!

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