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Blog | 09 May 2022

Street Smart update

Street Smart is used by thousands of professionals every day to do their jobs smarter, better and safer. So we work hard every day to make sure Street Smart meets expectations and more. We've recently made a number of improvements that we'd like to share with you.

New basemaps

A long-awaited and major improvement within Street Smart are the new basemaps.

The basemap is basically the map that you consult in Street Smart before, for example, diving into a street to request a Cyclorama. The actuality of the basemaps did not always fully correspond to the actuality of the Cyclorama. It could therefore happen, for example, that you navigated to a certain address in the map, but that you did not end up at the exact spot you wanted in Street Smart.

This has been solved so that the location of a certain place exactly matches the Cyclorama. In the example below you can see the difference between the old basemap and the new one. The new basemaps will be available in Street Smart within a few weeks.

  • The new basemaps have a higher resolution
  • The zoom level in Street Smart is higher
  • The basemaps are up to date

Old basemap

New basemap

Street Smart gets faster

Faster is better! At least that's true for the performance of our Street Smart viewer. After a lot of tinkering in the background, we were able to improve the performance of Street Smart quite a bit. In concrete terms, this means that you will hardly have to wait for the loading of, for example, a Cyclorama. A short, but powerful message that will make the experience as a user in Street Smart a lot more pleasant!

We will do our best to have all users worldwide benefit from this improvement as soon as possible.

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