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A broader service offering with integrated cycloramas

Cyclomedia partners with various organizations and companies to best serve our customers and stay ahead in technological developments. We have many partners who have incorporated a standard integration of cycloramas in their GIS and administrative systems. Cyclomedia also has several business partners offering Street Smart as a service to their clients.

Integration Partners

Street Smart provides a comprehensive development interface (API) that can be used to integrate cycloramas into other applications.

The API enables vendors of the CAD, GIS and management software used by your organization, to integrate seamlessly with Street Smart. Which means that overlays and measurements work directly on the geographic data available in those packages. Cyclomedia actively supports developers in using our API and provides free documentation and code samples.

Business partners

Suppliers make use of Street Smart to create added value for their customers. Many engineers and consultants use Street Smart on a daily basis adding subject matter expertise which complements the imagery. It doesn’t stop there. By giving meaning to pixels, unique opportunities arise in the form of "information products".

Based on powerful algorithms developed by Cyclomedia, inventories of RVV traffic signs, lampposts and road markings have become a reality. Business Partners with domain knowledge are a vital link to operate successfully. They create new solutions by adding this information (imagery and/or data insights) to their services, creating more benefits for their customers.