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FTTX Planning, Design and Deployment

Accelerating Fiber Deployments with Cyclomedia's Comprehensive Data

Rollout faster with Cyclomedia

Cyclomedia enables you to reduce costs associated with onsite visits (up to 80%) and engineering time (up to 90%).

Uncover the most efficient fiber routes with high-resolution street-level imagery, LiDAR data, and automated data extraction. Identify surface types (asphalt, concrete) for trenching ease, and automatically locate existing poles, overhead cables, and street furniture to avoid costly underground conflicts.

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Customers who rely on our data for faster and more efficient fiber deployment

Virtual site survey

Through the Cyclomedia Street Smart interactive web viewer, you will be able to gather information, perform site surveys and evaluate all findings directly from your desktop, reducing the need to send engineers to the field.

  • Reduce costs with fewer on-site visits
  • Improve rollout speed performing faster site surveys
  • Reduce material costs with a more precise site survey

Improve rollout cost estimations

Cyclomedia empowers precise cost estimation for fiber deployments by identifying surface types and automatically locating aerial infrastructure, ensuring informed decisions and efficient resource allocation.

  • Mitigate financial risks by minimizing unforeseen expenses
  • Optimize budget allocation for maximum impact and efficiency
  • Strengthen funding requests with precise cost projections and strategies

Accelerating network design

Cyclomedia's data, extracted from street-level imagery and LiDAR, enables automation of  both High and Low-Level designs for fiber deployment, expediting feasibility assessments, route planning, and network engineering by providing comprehensive deployment overviews, rapid obstacle identification, precise measurements, and 3D models, thus ensuring greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness throughout the deployment process.

  • Reduce costs with fewer engineering hours spend
  • Reduce mistakes by having a single source of truth
  • Accelerate timelines with instant of the shelf data

Verify demographic data

Cyclomedia's imagery and data solutions reduce expensive, time-consuming field visits for demographic data collection in FTTH network planning, accelerating deployment and outpacing the competition.

  • Reduce costs by doing research behind the desk
  • Be faster than competition by speeding up internal processes
  • Decrease carbon footprint by reducing cars driving around

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