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Thank you for your interest!

Scanning the QR code on one of our cars brought you here. Are you curious about what we do and why we do it? Or are you just interested in our privacy statement? We are happy to explain ourselves!

Who are we?

With over 40 years of experience and a fleet of 60 vehicles traversing the globe, we offer insights that are relevant today and help create a better world for tomorrow. Our services include capturing 3D maps and still photos of roadways, which we provide to transportation departments, city and county government, and utilities. Our team records vital information, such as the condition of street signs, trees near power lines, pothole locations, and changes to buildings and pavement markings, which can be challenging to collect manually. By having access to high-quality data, governments and utility companies can provide better, safer, and more affordable services to the community.

Cyclomedia's innovative technology transforms real-world data into meaningful insights, making it easier to comprehend the complexity of the environment around us. By leveraging the most precise street-level global 360° visualizations, enhanced by cutting-edge AI-driven analytics, we provide valuable, actionable insights.

What about your privacy?

We are aware of the fact that privacy is important when capturing imagery of the outdoor space. Cyclomedia takes this very seriously and does a lot about protecting your privacy. Do you want to know what our statement is on this important subject? Choose your country, and click on the link to view our privacy statement.

Why we do what we do

The world is constantly changing and changes in the public space are happening every day. Cyclomedia ensures that we can move safely from A to B, that we can pass on a liveable world to our children, and that we can be better connected than ever before. Even when the distance seems unbridgeable.

Every year, more than 1 million homes are built worldwide, there are approximately 65 million kilometres of roads to be maintained, and hundreds of millions of kilometres of cables to be maintained and monitored. Thousands of professionals around the world are working every day to solve these complex issues.

Through our best-in-class outdoor imagery data and the insights we draw from it, we enable these professionals to truly make a difference when it comes to understanding the complexity of the environment around us. We capture this data of the public space by car, plane, and even by boat. For over 40 years, we have been enabling people with the right data today in the areas of mobility, sustainability, safety and connectivity to build a better world for tomorrow.

Cyclomedia Technology (HQ)

Van Voordenpark 1b, 5301 KP Zaltbommel (NL)

T +31 (0)418 - 55 61 00

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Cyclomedia Deutschland GmbH.

An der Kommandantur 3, D-35578 Wetzlar (Germany)

T +49 (0)6441 44 932 0

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Cyclomedia Technology Inc.

8215 Greenway Blvd, Suite 300, Middleton, WI 53562

T +1.510.900.5142

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