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News | 30 June 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Cyclomedia announces launch of new product that modernizes how traffic signs and pavement striping conditions can be inventoried

Cyclomedia, the leading roadway asset data provider to state and local agencies, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of their newest product, Traffic Signs and Pavement Striping Condition. This exciting new product delivers a complete inventory of any road network’s pavement striping and traffic sign condition generated from imagery and LIDAR scan data. The product is set to launch on June 26th.

Cyclomedia strives to create new data products that solve our customers' most complex problems. Recognizing the pressures that jurisdictions face to provide a safe and reliable transportation network prompted the creation of Traffic Signs and Pavement Striping product. A successful pilot project with a major southern Department of Transportation has already been completed, with plans for an ongoing collaboration.

The Traffic Signs and Pavement Striping solution is split into three phases. During the Data Collection phase, street-level data is collected using Cyclomedia’s patented 5-camara capturing system, mounted atop a vehicle which will drive throughout any road network collecting high-resolution imagery. This imagery, combined with LiDAR data, creates a 3D, spatially accurate model of a location and an inventory of all pavement striping and traffic signs as well as their attributes. Once the collection is complete, AI is leveraged during the Data Analysis phase to evaluate the condition of each individual asset and identify problem areas. Finally, this information is used in the Maintenance Planning phase, where cities can efficiently create a comprehensive plan to address their problem areas, using the delivered information which includes:

  • A full inventory of all traffic sign assets with condition scores associated.
  • A full network condition assessment for all pavements striping along your road network.
  • Network Condition reporting data that will be required to meet FHWA requirements.

“Knowing the condition of assets is an integral part of ensuring safe communities. Being able to assist our customers in solving this network-wide problem while reducing the time and money our customers have to expend is why I love this job.”

– Marion Spencer, Cyclomedia Senior Product Manager.

Using this new data product, jurisdictions are able to complete work that typically takes months in only a matter of weeks. Rather than having to manually locate, identify, and assess each asset (a long and costly process that is subject to human error), Cyclomedia will quickly and efficiently gather the necessary information organizations need to make timely and informed decisions. The information can be compared from year to year to evaluate the success of each organization’s maintenance plan and will ensure the best possible road network quality.

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