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Drive efficiencies to get more done with less, optimize costs and better serve your community.

Is your property appraisal office prepared to keep up with the demands of record-keeping, compliance, and cooperation across departments? 

At Cyclomedia, we help property appraisal professionals become more agile and adaptable in their practices through cutting-edge digital resources. Your office can leverage our solution (vehicles + camera systems + LiDAR sensors) to capture high-resolution images and public street-level data at scale. Cyclomedia then transforms that data into actionable insights that integrate with your existing technology infrastructure. 

Governments all over the world use Cyclomedia to better visualize neighborhoods, strengthen their data capabilities, and create 3D representations of environments. 

Gain Unparalleled Awareness Into Local Environments

America’s local governments are under pressure to meet the needs of their communities. Budget cuts, limited staff, and other practical constraints make it challenging for property appraisers to keep up with to-do lists. Meanwhile, there’s a need to get more done in less time. 

Addressing these challenges means having a clear and detailed picture of a community’s on-the-ground environment. Step one is to collect visualization data. Step two is to transform that data into practical analytics. 

Become More Proactive In Your County's Well-Being

Neighborhoods are the heartbeat of American life. As a property appraisal professional, your service is mission-critical to ensuring that our communities are resilient, healthy, and empowered. Technology can help your office take on a more important role in strengthening civic infrastructure. 

Cyclomedia data has been used to create 3D models, in addition to other real world representations. The software makes it possible to take virtual drives through the county from the desktop and equips property appraisers with resources to step up during all-hands emergencies. 

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Advanced mobile capabilities

Cyclomedia Snapshot enables property appraisal professionals to take real-time pictures of properties with their iOS or Android mobile device. These location-tagged pictures can be instantly uploaded and overlaid onto Cyclomedia ultra-high-resolution 360-degree GeoCyclorama imagery for viewing in the Street Smart™ viewer. Property appraisal professionals will be able to act in near real-time when some aspect of property changes. 

Cyclomedia will be the only one-stop street-level imagery solution available to the professional assessment community in the US that offers both 360-degree, ultra-high-resolution imagery with LiDAR and the ability to act quickly in the near term changes through a mobile device. 

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How Cyclomedia can help

We deliver 7X more images per parcel than other street-level imagery providers in the USA. Every year, we update 250K miles of street-level imagery and analytics around the world. 


View properties from multiple angles


Detailed images of building materials and property construction

Cut-out images

Capture rectangular cut-out images on property record cards

"Across the state there are approximately 100 counties. I can say with 100% confidence that adding Cyclomedia technology to our portfolio of assessment tools has enabled us to be at par, or even exceed, the productivity of similar sized counties with field personnel up to 20% larger."

- Keith Miller, Tax Assessor

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