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Blog | 20 juni 2024

Externship at Cyclomedia

Externship at Cyclomedia

Your knowledge counts

In this blog, read more about what it's like to be an extern at Cyclomedia.

We believe it is essential to utilize knowledge from around the world to enhance our products and services, providing people with the opportunity to discover and develop their talents.

We would like to introduce you to Margaret Silliman from Atlanta in the USA, Business Development Extern at Cyclomedia.

We asked her what makes an externship at Cyclomedia unique, how she contributes to innovation and what externs can learn and achieve during their time at Cyclomedia.

What makes an externship at Cyclomedia unique?

Externships at Cyclomedia are unique because of the opportunities they provide to make an impact on the organization. As a Business Development extern, I can flex across several projects that are top of mind for our Executive Committee and provide strategic guidance that will help to grow the company into the next years.

How do you contribute to innovation at Cyclomedia?

I’m currently working on several projects that are oriented around shifting our business model to cater to new customer preferences; the work I’m contributing to will allow us to adapt and grow with changing dynamics of our key markets. 

I’m able to gather opinions from the people that are closest to the product and sales activity and leverage their insights to inform our strategy going forward.

What can externs expect to learn and achieve during their time with us?

Externs can expect to learn problem solving and organization, as they are likely to be brought in on some of the opportunities and challenges that are top of mind for the company. 

Given their proximity to these key issues, they can expect to feel a sense of accomplishment by seeing their work be put into practice, which is an opportunity that not many individuals get at this level.

Working with Cyclomedia

At Cyclomedia we are proud to work with a palette of innovative products and services. The passion at work is contagious and it ensures that our employees feel fully involved. Are you interested in a challenging position in a rapidly growing international company? Take a look at our current vacancies.