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Blog | 14 May 2024

Colleague Spotlight: Chris Lorr

Introducing Chris Lorr, a dynamic force within Cyclomedia whose career journey demonstrates a pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of technology! 

From an early age, Chris was drawn to computers and technology. Being one of the ‘original’ Nintendo kids, he always had a love for gaming, be it on the PC, Nintendo, or even board games with his family and friends (a love that has persisted to this day). His fascination with technology, namely computers, fueled his desire to pursue a career in it. This curiosity led him to the Air Force, where he was stationed in Nebraska and flew Airborne Reconnaissance. This meant that Chris managed, ran, and troubleshot computers while flying on missions Chris shared, “My deployments were when and where the aircraft was needed so they could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months long. I often traveled to places such as Japan, Germany, England, Alaska, the Middle East, and even a tropical island owned by the US military!”

As his time with the Air Force came to an end, Chris decided a break from technology was needed and got into geotechnical survey & inspection, testing soil and concrete for construction. However, after a while, he decided to move closer to his family and back to his roots in northern Illinois. Once home, he became a Trainman for the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in the summer and Lead Ski lift Operator for Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort in the winter. Chris found himself yearning to reconnect with his tech roots- and lucky for us! It was during this period that he found Cyclomedia, and applied for a position as a Data Extraction Analyst, offering him a pathway back into the realm he had always loved exploring.

Left: Chris in Doha, Qatar during deployment.

Joining Cyclomedia, Chris found more than just a job; he found a community of like-minded individuals and the opportunity to leverage technology to make a meaningful change. “I enjoy making a positive, real, and global impact using automation. I like that we improve safety through analytics and for field workers (reduced time spent out on roadways 'just looking'). We also have great colleagues, a great work environment, and an excellent work ethic,” says Chris. Working on cutting-edge projects resonated deeply with Chris, inspiring him to push himself professionally and personally. Chris took advantage of Cyclomedia’s tuition reimbursement offering to take several Python courses and applied his learnings to improve the Project Training Documents (PTDs) created by his team. “After the Python courses I took, I was able to write a program to review our PTDs rather than having to do it by hand. This reduces time spent on each project and ensures that we are constantly improving and adding more checks to what we produce.” Chris plans on continuing to develop and improve scripts for the training team.

Below: Chris working as a Trainman for the Mid-Continent Railway Museum.

Chris working as a Trainman for the Mid-Continent Railway Museum

As Chris’s journey with Cyclomedia unfolded, so did his role within the company. Through dedication and a commitment to growth, Chris makes a tangible difference within the organization. Chris has led several initiatives which are a testament to his commitment to driving efficiency and innovation - this is why Chris was the perfect candidate for a promotion. In April of 2024, Chris’s new title became ‘Senior Training Specialist’- congratulations, Chris!

Outside of his professional endeavors, Chris is still a big gamer, a passion that has accompanied him since childhood. Although he often embarks on virtual adventures in Fallout 4, Zelda, or Mario games, they represent a long-term goal for him as well. “Over the next few years, I’d like to save up to buy a home in the area. In my future home, I’d like to have a room with a wall to hold my collector's Nintendo items, including some original systems and games that I’ve kept throughout the years. Someday, I want to own and manage a board game store, with an area of 'play tables' and snacks to purchase, and maybe a few console gaming alcoves.”

Virtual adventures are not the only ones Chris has been on!  “While on deployment in Japan, A typhoon hit Okinawa where we were stationed so our aircraft and crew went to the mainland to evacuate. While there, some friends and I decided to climb Mount Fuji on a whim,” he recalls. He has also been skydiving several times, as well as attending both Space Camp and Space Academy as a kid, at the Houston, Alabama Space Center- looks like we might have a future astronaut representing Cyclomedia!

Right: Chris on vacation in Georgia with his dog, Loki.

With dreams that go beyond Earth’s atmosphere, Chris’s journey is far from over. As he continues to innovate and improve, one thing remains certain: Chris Lorr is a driving force behind Cyclomedia's continued journey toward a bright future.

Congratulations on your promotion & thanks for being a great team member, Chris!

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