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PropertyQC for Vacant, Abandoned, & Deteriorated Properties

Cyclomedia's unmatched imagery and AI technology enables jurisdictions to identify vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties—right from your desktop

Vacant properties give communities a bad, and perhaps unsafe, feel. Not only do they make certain areas look deteriorated, but community members feel the negative impact of abandoned property as it decreases the value of neighboring properties, impacting the overall quality and desirability of the neighborhood. Although this is an issue that impacts cities nationwide, governments still lack the information they need on property condition that is necessary for them to proactively work on improving neighborhoods. So, how can they tackle this problem despite their lack of staffing and budget? The solution: Cyclomedia's PropertyQC solution, which identifies and assesses properties in any given jurisdiction, thus delivering the insights cities need to keep their communities in shape.

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Past Product Launch Webinar

Cyclomedia hosted a product launch webinar, where we: 

  • Learned how two major US cities utilized Cyclomedia's PropertyQC to rapidly identify vacant and deteriorating properties
  • Performed a full demonstration of Cyclomedia’s high resolution imagery collection process
  • Explored relevant PropertyQC Use Cases that support Smart City initiative
  • Saw live data showing the rapid identification of problematic structures
  • Reviewed PropertyQC data deliverables including a high resolution imagery of problematic structures, an interactive web map, and a database of all problematic structures graded on a 1-5 scale.
Watch the recording here