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Event date | 01 December 2021

21st Century Webinar Series: Joint Use Billable Asset Determination

Joint use utility poles can be a major point of contention between the various companies that occupy them. The electric utility of record is often not able to properly inventory the billable attachment assets on their poles which leads to not only significant unbilled revenue but also regulatory, legal, and service exposure due to compliance, overloading and doublewood issues. 

This session will highlight how the most technically advanced, automated, ground-truth accurate imagery solution resulted in identifying on average 1.5 new billable assets per pole and an estimated $50M in new unbilled revenue for a major a Tier 1 service provider.  

Webinar: Joint Use Billable Asset Determination

Date: December 1 , 2021 

Time: 1:00 - 1:45 PM EDT

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