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Public Works

Deliver services faster & more efficiently

Your community is continuously evolving, and facing new challenges in meeting the exponentially growing demands of a modern-day city. Cyclomedia enables you to confidently understand your environment and make more informed, and ultimately better decisions. 

  • Streamline and enhance historical records 
  • Monitor the assets in your community
  • Coordinate efforts across municipal departments 
  • Improve accuracy of data records 
  • Move sustainability initiatives forward 

… & gain unparalleled insight into your community.

Use the most accurate data to visualize and manage your projects

Public Works organizations are vital to the quality of life within your community. For a Public Works operation to be successful, you need up-to-date data with management and visualization tools. Cyclomedia’s imagery and asset extraction services ensure your organization always has up-to-date information about their assets & their condition, enabling you to make informed, data driven decisions.

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Public works departments are under pressure to do more with less

With rising budget cuts, municipal governments need to leverage technology to make better judgment calls and data-driven decisions to best service their communities. Cyclomedia is your most direct path to establishing a visual data foundation & asset inventory, building robust processes, and streamlining local government workflows. 

Reduce concerns from constituents

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Cyclomedia’s 360° imagery, LiDAR data capture, Street Smart web viewer, and measurement tools provide detail and clarity into what’s happening in your community.  

By providing you with the data you need for on-demand insights into your jurisdiction, Cyclomedia's data makes it easier to assess damages, file insurance claims, involve legal teams, respond to service requests, answer questions and more.

It’s important to have easy access to key data you need, before you need it. When issues arise, information retrieval is then prompt and seamless. 

Improve the resiliency of your operations

Local governments and companies around the world use Cyclomedia to better visualize neighborhoods, strengthen their data capabilities, and create 3D representations of environments that may be challenging to regularly access otherwise.  

With an accurate perspective of what’s happening outside, local government teams can more easily and effectively respond to situations as they arise by eliminating the need for unnecessary field visits. Cyclomedia makes it easier to maintain budgets, oversee contractors, and manage teams in the field. 

As the largest county in the contiguous United States, it has been challenging for us to adequately and equitably service all areas within our geographic footprint... Cyclomedia overdelivered on our expectations as we can now view and manage a complete inventory of all of our Public Works assets.

Jeremy Johnson, San Bernardino County Public Works

Public Works Case Studies

Watch the video to see some of the ways the city of Coral Gables is leveraging Cyclomedia's solutions for Public Works such as:

  • Ability to project existing geographical data onto images. This includes parcel maps, underground cable or water networks, address labels or any other geo-referenced CAD or GIS data.
  • Create, update and maintain a complete inventory of assets throughout your jurisdiction.
  • Support planning and management of green infrastructure initiatives.
  • Planning and modeling of proposed community and housing projects.
Read about a case study for San Bernardino County

Achieve tangible, cost-saving outcomes. Improve how your city runs.

Cyclomedia can help your office take on a more direct role in strengthening civic infrastructure. 

Rather than relying on visual inspections, Public Works teams can make informed decisions remotely. By knowing the condition of their assets, staying up to date with compliances and prevent lawsuits from code violations. Departments can cooperate more effectively to solve problems by having access to the same information, enterprise-wide.  

By simplifying their processes, Public Works teams can commit more time and energy to preparing for the future, while optimizing service levels in the present. 

Combine efforts with other departments. Build robust infrastructure, together.

Cyclomedia's visuals, data sets, and software are relevant across multiple governmental departments.  

Our solution includes an enterprise licensing model that provides access to everyone working for your organization, as well as a sub-licensing option for contractors and vendors. We can use our data to create 3D, spatially-accurate, virtual models of your area (digital twins), in addition to other real world representations. Our software makes it possible to take virtual drives through your jurisdiction and equips public works teams with resources to step up during all-hands-on emergencies. 

Many of our customers team up with other departments to pool budgets and strategically share resources.  

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