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Active Transportation/ADA

What solutions does Cyclomedia offer for ADA regulations & pedestrian safety?

As our cities evolve and grow, so do the challenges faced by Transportation agencies and Public Works Departments. That's where companies like Cyclomedia step in. Cyclomedia provides comprehensive inventory data that empowers these organizations to tackle today's road safety challenges head-on. 

If your city does not have the information you need to ensure your assets for pedestrian safety are in shape or ADA compliant, Cyclomedia's Active Transportation Solution is the product you’re looking for. This solution is a game-changer, offering detailed attribution for assets utilized by your citizens every day. This data is vital for creating safer and more equitable environments for all citizens. Let's delve into what makes this solution so transformative. 

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Watch the Active Transportation (ADA) 'ProdCast'

Join us for the 6th episode of our monthly 'ProdCast' series, which will dive into our solutions for ADA and Pedestrian Safety! In this episode, we discuss some of the features we extract for Local Public Works Departments and Transportation agencies to keep their citizens safe, and how our innovative solutions are revolutionizing pedestrian safety.

The Active Transportation Solution consists of four unique data sets that also include the location data (x, y, z) of assets along your roadways. The following features are included in the Active Transportation Solution: 

  • Curb ramps
  • Pedestrian Signals
  • Push buttons
  • Crosswalks

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