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As an organization intent on delivering innovative solutions to a rapidly expanding customer base, CycloMedia has an extensive and future-looking product delivery roadmap. At the same time, we work closely with leading organizations in the US and around the world to keep at the forefront of imagery solutions.


CycloMedia is proud to be an Esri Gold Partner, and to state that we integrate with all Esri products and technologies - from Desktop and Pro, through Online and the use of widgets, to Roads and Highways. We highly value our close relationship with Esri teams, and we believe we are “future proof” in that when Esri upgrades products or launches new offerings “we are there” during development and at launch.


Manage your city more efficiently by combining Street Smart™ imagery from CycloMedia with Cityworks software to virtually put your people in the field from anywhere they have an Internet connection.


Cartegraph develops software for forward-thinking cities, counties, and agencies. Designed to protect your $1 billion investment in public infrastructure, Cartegraph technology is built for public works, parks, pavement, signs, sewers, storms, and everything in between. By tracking the condition of your assets and managing the resources required to maintain them, Cartegraph empowers you to spend money smarter and run your city more efficiently. In partnership with CycloMedia, Cartegraph offers a cost effective and efficient data collection service that enables clients to perform asset inventories, condition assessments and field mapping functions by utilizing CycloMedia’s incredible high quality, highly accurate street level imagery.

Eagleview (Pictometry)

Eagleview (Pictometry). Eagleview serves both government and commercial markets with low level Orthogonal and Oblique Aerial Images. A fleet of more than 100 planes, outfitted with USGS-certified camera systems, capture Pictometry® Intelligent Images year-round. Image processing is completed using patented technologies that deliver amazing clarity and detail for a precise aerial view of every feature. Pictometry® imagery and tools are integral to the workflows of assessment, GIS, public safety and infrastructure professionals.


Sanborn has a 150-year history of delivering geospatial solutions for customers worldwide. Bringing together CycloMedia Technology, Inc.’s world-class street-level imagery with oblique and orthographic imagery from Sanborn, this partnership has then leveraged the data creation, maintenance and analytics application of Esri Canada’s Assessment Analyst to create Assessment QuickStart – a seamlessly integrated, turnkey desktop review solution tailored to the needs and workflows of assessment professionals.

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