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The Research & Development (R&D) department of CycloMedia focuses on the improvement of products and services through new innovations. The technical innovation projects typically also lead to the development of new products and services in the future.

Right: the 10th generation of CycloMedia's panorama recording system. 5 cameras take high resolution panoramic, parallax-free images via a patented process.

Recording system

Recording vehicles, cameras, LiDAR and other sensors, real-time system control. In recent years a panorama recording system has been developed that is unique in terms of speed (10 fps), resolution (100 Mpx) and precision of location (better than 10 cm).


GNSS, inertial navigation systems (INS), the use of image data, LIDAR and other data sources for improvement and quality of location and orientation data.

Geometric data processing

Camera Calibration, automated geometric quality.

Image processing

Processing of raw sensor data into panoramic images (demosaicing / reconstruction color of sensor data, color and contrast optimization, perspective correction on the basis of calibration data).

Processing and hosting

Tools for workflow management (for the support of the above mentioned processes), software for scalable hosting of various data products of CycloMedia, enabling the viewing of image data, and data derived therefrom. Powerful cloud-based processing software has been developed to automatically process tens of millions high-quality panoramic images.


Solutions for viewing and measuring imagery, GIS integrations based on the concept of SaaS (Software as a Service).

Information Products

Widespread and systematic identification, classification and geo-referencing of various objects such as traffic signs, road markings, light poles, buildings and roofs, as well as the texturing of 3D objects and the reconstruction of 3D point clouds of panoramic imagery, LiDAR and aerial photography (nadir and oblique) .

The R&D team ensures that CycloMedia footage and various derivative information products are of high quality and reliability. On many research fields CycloMedia R&D works closely together with universities and technical partners for specific solutions and projects.

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