'Win-win' partnership between CycloMedia and Veteran Staffing Network

Tricia Tyler, Director of Operations for Veteran Staffing Network (VSN) credits the success of the partnership between CycloMedia and Veteran Staffing Network to the fact that, “It’s a win-win. VSN uses a professional approach to match veterans with Cyclomedia’s driver positions; resulting in project success for CycloMedia customers. Of course, we are also intent on increasing awareness of the many skills that veterans bring to the table.”

'Win-win' partnership between CycloMedia and Veteran Staffing Network

CycloMedia Technology, Inc. made a focused commitment to staff its driver openings with US military personnel in 2016. Veteran Staffing Network has proved to be a perfect partner in this effort, given their business-like commitment to recruiting, coaching and placing veterans in a variety of roles to meet client needs. This requires matching not only skills but also personal attributes to meet job requirements. Working with CycloMedia’s Chris Lauzon, Director of Operations, and Andrew Bohnsack, Field Operations Manager, things are moving along just fine. The VSN operation provides a nation-wide network of connection, recruitment, and placement for all stripes of veterans from all branches of service (including National Guard & Reservists), from recently transitioned-out service members to retired vets and even military spouses. No specific military rank or specialty is required, and VSN works with clients across all industries.

Currently, ten drivers with military service experience are on the road for CycloMedia, and that number is expected to increase as CycloMedia continues to grow in the US. Another example of the “win-win” Ms. Tyler mentioned that comes from working with veterans: the newest member of the CycloMedia team is Andrew Bohnsack, a US Navy veteran. Andrew and CycloMedia first teamed together when he was hired and responsible for a street level imagery capture project in Canada in 2016. Since then, Andrew has been called upon for other assignments. Soon it became clear that to meet the growing project demands in the US someone with Andrew’s experience and expertise was business critical. With ten years of schooling and duty in the US Navy, Andrew’s experience in operations planning and team management, database systems, and compliance made him a perfect fit in his new CycloMedia role. He is now Manager of Field Operations for the company. Tyler commented that for veterans in the VSN program, “You never know where this driving job might lead”. Andrew agrees, saying, "It's not navigating submarines, but my naval service has trained me well for this position. Each day on the job with CycloMedia, a project presents new challenges. You need to adapt to each situation as it comes along and get the job done." Veterans are well-suited to meeting these kinds of challenges.

This is just one story, and both Veteran Staffing Network and CycloMedia know that there are more to tell. It’s the story of strong partnership, commitment to mission, and – together – driving forward to success.

For more information about Veteran Staffing Network, please contact 1-877-VETS-111 or visit VSNusa.org.

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