City Planning

Management of public spaces

For every municipality, it is important to have an up-to-date and reliable overview of all assets. Only in this way can you have effective management and maintenance, and determine the budgets relating to this. It is essential that you have the right tools to carry out your management tasks well. Visual imagery can save you and your colleagues many hours otherwise spent on location, plus deliver valuable current and accurate information.

CycloMedia's up-to-date imagery allows you to automatically or manually detect and inventory assetsin the public spaces. This makes it possible to have a large-scale inventory of desired objects, and to build a complete database of assets - for instance, streetlights, trees, signage, bus shelters, and manhole covers.

City Planning

The conditions and/or state of repair of assets can be remotely determined by means of working with CycloMedia’s imagery. This affords insight into where and when maintenance is required. This can be done in a highly focused manner, thereby reducing costs. Furthermore, complaints about certain assets can be dealt with more quickly and better: an image linked to the complaint makes it possible to quickly assess the situation and undertake appropriate action, without requiring a preliminary on-site visit.

Moreover, CycloMedia imagery can be used as a tool for the identification of deformations of roads, cycle paths, green surfaces and paved surfaces; for the classification of unknown surfaces; and for address numbering. The imagery can perfectly be integrated in various GIS applications.

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