Tax Assessment

The IAAO’s Standard on Mass Appraisal of Real Property, Section 3.3.5 talks about the uses of Technology and Imagery both Aerial and Street-level. CycloMedia has been at the cutting edge of street-level imagery since the 1980’s and offers real-world solutions that exceed the IAAO recommended Standards. The traditional use of a single image can now be replaced with Hi-Resolution Panoramic imagery that is a measurable.

What if you could use technology to streamline your work, tools that would allow you to….

• Perform remote assessment of real property
• Perform measurements – length, height and area
• Update and validate CAMA information
• Image identification with date and time
• Create reports with measurements and notes
• Analyzing data more quickly and accurately at less cost
• Responding to assessment appeals in a timely manner
• Increased staff efficiencies and accuracy of data • Tax Appeals: Provide Visual Evidence showing appellate, subject and comparable property imagery
• When dealing with Customer requests/ inquiries immediately get a complete 360-degree perspective of the property and the neighborhood
• And so much more

CycloMedia’s imagery can be delivered to you in a stand-alone application or within leading industry software applications. If we do not currently integrate with your CAMA vendor we will provide them access to our library of API’s to create a more robust solution.

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