Remotely inspecting objects

Given the often extensive networks and limited resources, utilities face major challenges in managing inspection in timely, safe, and cost-efficient ways. With GeoCycloramas from CycloMedia, inspections can be carried out online from your desk. You can check on the construction of pipelines and transformer stations using historic imagery, tracking changes and assessing associated risks over time. You can also check on the work that’s being done, quickly and remotely, and check on revisions to ensure they are correct and incorporated into the updated database. Online inspection saves time and money because site visits can be limited, at the same time the number of on-site inspections themselves can be prepared for and executed in highest quality.


You can also check the work done quickly and remotely. For example, if the power cable is indeed "10 yards next to house X and lamppost Y". The revision manager checks whether that is correct and incorporates it in the master database of cable locations. This way the quality of the database of asset locations is being improved continuously.   being able to inspect remotely saves time and money because the number of site visits can be reduced. On the other side the number of inspections than can be carried out in a certain time increases, improving the overall quality.

"In 90% of all jobs, we use the images of CycloMedia"

"In 90% of all jobs, we use the images of CycloMedia"

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