To realize a smooth link with CycloMedia imagery, various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available.

Street Smart API

Street Smart is the new viewer for GeoCycloramas that is available as a complete application on This API can show Cycloramas on the basis of an XY coordinate or imageID.

ATLAS Panorama Rendering Service API

The Panorama Rendering Service can create cut outs from GeoCycloramas.

ATLAS Recording Service API

ATLAS is the name given to the database in which all the data relating to GeoCycloramas is stored - the recording service. The Web Feature Service (WFS) makes it possible to request recording locations within a certain area, after which they can be shown on a map. The ATLAS Recording Service is specifically intended for GIS integrations.

Download ATLAS Recording Service API

SLD layout & Developer Key

Street Smart supports advanced styling of overlaying layers. A document about how to setup such a layer can be found here.

** ** Key Developer To develop CycloMedia software is a key developer needed. If you did not have a key yet you can request one through contact.

Release History API

For reference purposes, here is the documentation of all API releases.

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