Street Smart™

Street Smart™ is the new interactive web viewer for GeoCycloramas™. Street Smart™ also has overlays and measurement functionality. Street Smart™ and all available data are directly accessed from the CycloMedia servers. You can easily access the imagery without any changes to your existing IT infrstructure.

Street Smart™ is built on the latest web technology standards (HTML5) and also runs on tablets.

Street Smart™ is available for all users next to GlobeSpotter.


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Street Smart loads the CycloMedia's imagery, GeoCycloramas™, much faster on your screen. The completely new interface enables an easy interaction that shows you the required details in the blink of an eye. The valuable data layers can be quickly and easily switched on and off.


With the development of Street Smart all experience from the past has been used to optimize and improve the user experience. A completely new interface gives you clear overview and access to all essential functionality. Street Smart does exactly what you want it to do, in the most intuitive way.


Street Smart is build on the HTML5 standard. It is the 5th generation HTML and the standard for multiple platforms. Street Smart also runs smoothly on mobile devices.

Another important advantage of HTML5 is that security can be guaranteed in a much better way. More and more IT managers are increasing the pressure to ban Flash in their oranizations.

Street Smart integrations

Most Street Smart features are available through Street Smart’s Application Programming Interface (API). This ensures organizations can customize Street Smart’s features and user interface to best suit their workflows. You can also build applications that seamlessly integrate Street Smart’s “Measurement” features directly with 3rd party CAD, GIS, and land management packages. CycloMedia actively supports developers using the API and supplies documentation and code examples free of charge.

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