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Local Government

Local Government

Navigate your city's challenges with street-level data

All cities face the same challenge: how to factor the complex moving parts of your infrastructure, public transportation, housing, construction, and sustainability into daily business activities.

The task of managing all these diverse pieces can be overwhelming. That's why you need to take your first step towards becoming a smart city: getting an overview. Adding a layer of data gives you a clear understanding of the components that make up your city and provides insights you can use to improve your city for all citizens.

Cyclomedia provides street-level data and creates a digital twin of your city, making it possible to navigate through your city so you can inspect and assess locations without physically visiting them. In addition, all assets in public spaces can be identified automatically, providing a wealth of information. 

The digital twin of your city will help you prepare for the future. You’ll be able to respond quickly to changing demands and important developments that have a big impact on your city. Including population growth, increasing demand for mobility, climate change, the manageability of urban planning, and safety.

NYC Empire State Building

Tax assessment

In tax assessment today, people say that the needs/scope of work of an assessor continues to expand while at the same time the number of staff and resources are not keeping pace. The use of technology to meet these needs in a more efficient, safe and cost effective manner is more important than ever. The HD Imagery available to you today can help you change your traditional workflow while meeting and exceeding all recommended industry standards. Imagery that allows you to view grade, condition and neighborhood influences, ensures that all of your taxpayers are treated in a fair and equitable manner.

Street-level imagery is an important visual tool for property valuation processes. This includes market analysis, recording of object characteristics, handling of objections, and determining the value. Using up-to-date imagery improves the quality and efficiency of these processes. You can assess the value of real estate more accurately, resulting in higher tax revenues and fewer complaints. It also reduces visits to your sites, which in turn  reduces costs. Even where a site visit still is required, Cyclomedia's tools make it more qualitative and efficient.

NYC Flat Iron Building

Efficient urban planning

A municipality is authorized to grant licenses, exemptions and supervise compliance to various legislative acts. Visual imagery can save you and your colleagues countless hours outside and can deliver a lot of usable information for urban planning.

You can remotely view and assess a situation online. This helps you with:

  • Issuing and enforcing construction permits 
  • Issuing licenses for driveway, parking and logging concessions
  • The inventory of (unlicensed) advertising hoardings
  • The assessment of welfare aspects
  • The verification of zoning plans

In all these processes, the imagery data offers important actual visual support. Efficiency is improved and cost reductions realized because substantially fewer on-site visits are required.

Management of public space

For every single city and municipality, it’s important to have an up-to-date and reliable overview of all assets in public spaces. Having these insights is key to carrying out effective management and maintenance and to determine the required budget. 

Up-to-date imagery and point clouds from Cyclomedia allow you to automatically or manually detect all assets in public spaces. Enabling a large-scale inventory of desired objects and building a complete database of assets and their characteristics. This includes street lighting, traffic signs, advertising, trees, bus shelters, manholes, etc.

The actual state of assets can be remotely assessed, giving you an insight into where and when maintenance is required. Furthermore, complaints about certain assets can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently. An image linked to the complaint makes it possible to quickly undertake focused action, without a preliminary on-site visit being required.

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