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Public Works Solution from Cyclomedia

Public Works

Use the most accurate data to visualize and manage your projects

Public Works programs are vital to the quality of life within your city or county. To be successful, you need up-to-date data with management and visualization tools. Cyclomedia’s imagery and asset extraction services ensure your organization is always up to date and enables you to make informed, data driven decisions.

Coral Gables, FL Right of Way Inventory


  • Ability to project existing geographical data onto images. This includes parcel maps, underground cable or water networks, address labels or any other geo-referenced CAD or GIS data.
  • Create, update and maintain a complete inventory of assets throughout your jurisdiction.
  • Support planning and management of green infrastructure initiatives.
  • Planning and modeling of proposed community and housing projects.
DDOT is using GeoCycloramas to revolutionize the way inspections for repairs, constructions, and permitting data are conducted in Washington, D.C.

- Jose Colon, CIO, DC DOT