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Enhance roadway analytics through automation


Transform anything visible from the roadway into valuable data. Cyclomedia brings the outside world inside. As an industry leader in high resolution 360° street-level imagery and LiDAR, Cyclomedia produces geometrically correct, positionally accurate imagery and attributed assets that can build efficiency and increase staff safety, extending into every group within a State Department of Transportation to be an organization-wide resource.

Highway safety planning

Cyclomedia’s 3D roadway imagery, data extraction services and software tools can help Safety Offices with more than just MIRE data. Whether you are creating a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) or supporting FHWA initiatives such as Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR), Railroad-Highway Crossing Program (RHCP), or Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP), having complete and accurate data is crucial for informed decision making. Along with providing detailed roadway characteristics, we also inventory countermeasures and physical assets, as well as identify and collect information about important safety areas, such as railroad crossings, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossings. 

  • MIRE Collection & Inventory
  • Crash Investigations
  • Countermeasure Inventory
  • Railroad crossings
  • Measurement Tools
    • Lane widths
    • Curb heights
    • Clear zone
    • Cross Slope
    • Superelevation

Streamline special transport times with advanced route planning

In the world of special transport, the emphasis is on route planning. The question is which obstacles are encountered during transport from A to B and what possible issues this may cause. For example, problems with a bridge height, a lamppost or a railroad crossing with too high boarding, etc. It can also involve a time window in an inner city, making certain routes a dead-end.

Optimize distribution transport with enhanced delivery planning

Three different dimensions come together in distribution transport. In addition to route planning and last mile planning, delivery planning is also important. The ability to determine the situation around a delivery point, like the distance to the public road or accessibility. Having accurate data in this entire logistics chain prevents failure costs and enables distributors to make analyses based on the optimal delivery planning.

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