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We’re changing the way first responders respond

Cyclomedia improves both the pre-planning and actual response time for first responders , by offering a worldview beyond what 2D maps or  aerial photographs alone can provide. The GeoCycloramas™ provide high-resolution, street-level views of buildings, streets, and critical infrastructure.  

With its high resolution, street level details and extremely dense LiDAR point clouds, Cyclomedia provides a vital, powerful tool for: 

  • Disaster preparedness 
  • Flood mitigation 
  • Emergency response 

E911 is all about location, location, location. Before the proliferation of smartphones, most E911 calls originated from landlines at street addresses. But today, wireless phones make 80 percent or more of the total calls. And that percentage is growing. In addition, a large percentage of wireless callers can’t clearly identify their locations, presenting challenges for dispatchers at Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). With access to Cyclomedia, PSAP personnel can clearly see where the caller is calling from and relay location details directly to first responders. 

Tactical and strategic planning are critical for fire and police calls, situational awareness, and events. Know before you go. Be fully prepared for the unexpected.  Enable faster decision making for a more effective response. 

How Cyclomedia can help

Improved Service

Faster decision-making with a safer, faster response

Better Planning

Plan tactics and strategy more effectively and efficiently

Optimize Investment

Enhance existing technology without replacing it

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