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News | 17 June 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Cyclomedia Awarded RFP For Tennessee DOT

Continues Momentum as Leading Provider for Statewide Asset Management

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cyclomedia, the leading provider of accurate geospatial imagery data and data analytics is proud to announce that it has recently been selected by the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) as its preferred vendor for their Request For Proposal (RFP)  for statewide asset management.  This follows closely on the heels of a recent RFP award for Kansas DOT (KDOT) geared towards improving specific aspects of their highway safety program across 13,000 miles of road network.

Cyclomedia's unique value in statewide asset management validated with high profile awards for TDOT and KDOT projects.

TDOT's complex road network is a highly diverse mix of densely populated urban areas and vast rural areas with thousands of miles of two-lane undivided roads. The five-year project award includes the annual collection of precise, 360-degree imagery and LiDAR for the state's entire 28,000-mile centerline network. Additionally, TDOT requires the extraction of 30 unique asset types, including pedestrian ramps, roadway signs, sidewalks, guardrail, vegetation density, road markings, retaining walls and barriers.

Cyclomedia's approach to a highly automated data extraction offering, through a machine learning and AI-based workflow, provided TDOT with a value proposition that no other vendor could offer. "Cyclomedia is well positioned to be the front-runner in asset and data collection by pioneering innovative technologies that enable delivery of high-quality products and services", said David Lee TDOT Assistant Director of Long Range Planning.

Looking to improve its data-driven decision making for highway safety programs, KDOT desired a complete dataset of safety related roadway and roadside features. The project includes the collection of mobile LiDAR and high-resolution, 360° photolog imagery to go along with the extraction of critical roadway assets. This includes a comprehensive inventory of MIRE assets, intersections, signs, guardrails, and other critical traffic inventory elements. Faced with a rigid deadline, KDOT sought the benefits of Cyclomedia's automated data extraction workflows that combine uniquely precise datasets with a rapidly efficient delivery method.  Like TDOT, KDOT users will also benefit from the use of Cyclomedia's cloud hosted Street Smart™ web viewer application. Street Smart™ will provide KDOT with an enterprise platform for viewing and analyzing its project data, overlaying extracted assets with its photolog imagery, and integrating project data with KDOT's Esri GIS ecosystem.     

"We are excited to be long term partners with both KDOT and TDOT", said Joe Astroth, Cyclomedia CEO-USA. "Our best in class mobile LiDAR technology combined with machine learning and a team of highly skilled geospatial professionals enables us to directly address the demanding, 21st century inventory management needs of state transportation agencies across the country".

About Cyclomedia
Founded in 1980, Cyclomedia is the leading international provider of data and software solutions virtualizing the outside world accurately on-screen. Cyclomedia customers derive actionable insights from the geodata platform to power day-to-day decisions remotely and with more accuracy, delivering exceptional ROI. Cyclomedia focuses its solutions on tax assessment, asset management, public safety, construction & engineering, utility & transportation, and insurance & real estate. Cyclomedia employs 270 people with US headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin and global operations in the Netherlands, Germany, and Scandinavia.

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