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Blog | 01 June 2023

Colleague Spotlight: Marina Pruhs

Marina Pruhs joined Cyclomedia as a Marketing Communications Intern in November of 2022 and, after graduating in May, her title has changed to ‘Marketing Content Specialist’ as she joins Cyclomedia full time! This next step is exciting, as it marks the beginning of her professional career as well as the growth of the US Cyclomedia marketing team.

Pruhs recently graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with bachelor's degrees in Communication Arts and French. She began college unsure of what her career path would look like and, after being a Strategic Communications intern at a previous company, she knew from working with the marketing team that she was interested in going into that field. That interest in marketing fueled the search for another internship and that is when she found Cyclomedia!

Being a student meant that there was a lot for Pruhs to learn—and little did she know, her time at Cyclomedia would extend beyond her internship. With the encouragement of Angie Wrye, US Director of Marketing, Marina took on new projects and challenges every day, helping her grow not only professionally, but personally as well.

“I think the biggest thing I have learned is to not be scared or hesitate to reach out to anyone for help or for questions. At first, I was a bit shy and did not want to pester or annoy anyone, but I learned that if you want to get things done, you must go for it and be proactive. Confidence is key.”

From intern to specialist

Of course, internships are meant to teach, and Wrye made sure to support her intern every day. By trusting her to own new projects, pushing her to go out of her comfort zone, and taking each project as an opportunity to teach, she gave Pruhs the skills and confidence it took to secure her new role.

In fact, it was Wrye who extended the offer for her to join Cyclomedia as a full-time employee. “I could tell right away during Marina’s interview for my marketing intern position that she was special. During her internship, she jumped right in without hesitation, was anxious to learn, and had a great attitude. It did not take long for me to see her as a potential permanent member of my team. We started discussing her future at Cyclomedia in January and by March she accepted the position of Marketing Communications Specialist on my team. I am thrilled to have Marina on my US Marketing team!”

Now that she is a full-time employee, Pruhs can take on more new and exciting projects and continue to learn more about the marketing world. “My favorite part about working at Cyclomedia is that from the beginning, I have really felt like I am doing meaningful work and learning so much. I always felt like way more than an “intern,” because I’ve had so many opportunities to do and create work that is really being used and valued.”

Congratulations Marina—Cyclomedia is glad to have you on our marketing team!