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Green city | 08 January 2020

Fact cards: Green City Facts. Did you know this?

Creating a greener city begins with knowledge. When we are well informed, we can efficiently find bottlenecks and act upon them. It all starts with general facts. Did you know these facts on climate change? We’ve collected important data on greenhouse gases, the risks of flooding and the effect of trees in an urban environment.

Cutting CO2 emissions in your city

Using street level imagery can reduce the number of business trips by car.

In the Netherlands, we’re avoiding 9 million car rides by using street level imagery. This means a decrease of 64 million kilometers. Therefore, the use of street level imagery has already saved 9.6 tons of CO2 in The Netherlands alone.

The ecological benefits of trees in your city

The effects of extreme weather in your city

If the temperature increases even more, cities like New York and Bangkok will be in danger. Do you know the critical spots in your city?

Looking for other interesting statistics or ways to reduce CO2 emissions, increase your city’s ‘green level’ or statistics on flooding and drainage? At Cyclomedia we can help you find relevant data for your city.

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