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News | 26 June 2023

Proximus: connecting 95% of Belgium to fibre using data


The Proximus Group (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is a provider of future-proof connectivity and digital services operating in the Benelux and in markets around the world. As a major economic player in Belgium, Proximus takes every opportunity to positively impact the world around us. Proximus' investments in open fixed and mobile networks are crucial for the growth of the economy and the development of new digital ecosystems and innovative solutions. Thanks to BICS and Telesign - international leaders in digital identity APIs and communication platforms respectively - Proximus ensures reliable and secure communication experiences worldwide. On the social front, Proximus is shaping a fair, reliable and inclusive digital world and accelerating the transition to a green society.

The challenge

proximus fiber network

Proximus' ambition is to cover 95% of Belgium with fibre by 2023. Rolling out fibre on such a large scale, from city centres to rural areas, brings its own challenges and opportunities. Innovation is essential here, and Proximus continues to apply innovative technologies that allow, among other things, qualitative data and data insights. Such technology should make it possible to:

reduce the time spent collecting data 
automate the network design process
avoid expensive on-site recording costs and re-work
reduce the overall time and cost of fibre deployment

Why Cyclomedia

Cyclomedia is able to capture visual data with patented camera technology, at scale and in short time. e also extract reliable data from their images with A.I. algorithms. Detailed information on assets, such as surface types or poles and cables, enable Proximus to gain qualitative insights that, combined with proprietary data, are used for better designs, budget calculations and collaboration with external parties.

All data is easily accessible from anywhere in the world via an open web application, Street Smart, which easily integrates with Proximus' tools and software via open APIs.

De resultaten

It saves Proximus a huge amount of time because they have reliable image data, and time is money! Because the basics are right, every link in the chain at Proximus benefits.

  • Working more sustainably, fewer site visits
  • More efficient working through shorter site visits
  • Fewer errors through accurate and digital measurements
  • Saving time through fewer follow-up measurements
  • Everyone better informed through clear visualisations

Domain Manager Proximus Fibre Networks

Geert Bruylandt

Geert Bruylandt

"Cyclomedia's high-quality 360° panoramic images and Lidar point clouds are of great value to Proximus. This new innovative approach will also be valuable for other Proximus targets in the near future."