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Real Estate

Remotely assess and inspect real estate objects and surroundings for efficient valuation

Virtual property assessment and appraisals

For real estate owners and housing corporations it’s essential to have insight into the current value of all the properties they manage. Cyclomedia visual data means that properties can be assessed and measured online. For the purposes of rebuilding value, the location and the surrounding area can be viewed from behind your desk. You can also gain insight into the current maintenance condition and add various external data elements to enrich your valuation report. For example, year of construction, volume in cubic metres and building materials.

You save vast amounts of time and money by being able to limit the number of location visits. Your valuations will be more accurate and better substantiated. From a sales/investment point of view, it’s also important to have the surroundings of a property mapped out. Its marketability, parking facilities in the neighbourhood, insights into the nearest facilities and vegetation.


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