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Object detection

Cyclomedia uses proprietary feature extraction software, developed internally to extract information from LiDAR and imaging data. You can quickly and cost-effectively collect a large inventory of your city street furniture, such as lamp posts, traffic lights, (traffic) signs, road markings and lane striping, trees, manholes and billboards. All assets visable from public roads can be detected. Below more detail on some examples.

Area Mapping

Area mapping

Cyclomedia describes the inventory of the surface types (from street level) and / or the surface classes as Area Mapping. This product is based on Cyclomedia Street Ortho images and can be used to obtain basic data.

The digital Area Mapping is the basis for the development of your city into a city of the future. Only with a reliable, precise and complete survey of the status quo a new division of your city can be planned and implemented with a citizen-centered approach.

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Traffic signs

An inventory of traffic signs delivers not only a database with the traffic signs in a specific area, but also includes the type or category of the sign, its azimuth and the sign text.

This enables you to:

  • Perform quick and easy inspections and condition assessments.
  • Perform accurate tendering.
  • Analyse the traffic safety in your area.

Road markings & lane striping

A Road Markings PFC (Point Feature Class) inventory delivers a dataset containing the road markings in a certain area, consisting of points and lines.
This provides you with a complete overview of all the important features in order to:

  • Perform easy and accurate budgeting.
  • Effortlessly and accurately plan maintenance.
  • Validate performance contracts.
  • Analyse the traffic safety conditions.

Public lighting

The basic requirement for upgrading existing street lighting systems is a comprehensive digital lighting register. Cyclomedia can provide this quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the automated object detection based on imagery and point clouds. An inventory of Public Lighting consists of a dataset containing the location of all public lighting, including an indication of type (Standing lighting, Suspended lighting, Wall lighting, Tunnel lighting, Other).  


Cyclomedia automatically detects all advertisements in a city that are visible from the public road. For example facade advertisements, signboards, window advertisements, bus shelters, flags, sandwich boards, name plates and large menus. Location, type of advertising and dimensions are automatically collected. Cities can use these insights, for example, to collect advertising taxes in an efficient and consistent manner. Moreover with advertising tax, a municipality can reduce advertising in public spaces and thus contribute to improving the quality of life in the city.

Cyclomedia Insights360 Platform

Cyclomedia's Insights360 Platform applies machine learning techniques to our imagery and LiDAR data, producing unmatched completeness and accuracy in automated asset extraction.

Insights360 screen capture from Coral Gables, FL
  • Automated detection of assets with precision  
  • Extraction of highly accurate, simple or complex measurements 
  • Change detection from past collection cycles
  • Nearly unlimited scalability of analysts distributed over multiple locations

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