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News | 18 mei 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Cyclomedia’s Connor Burns Speaks at the annual GIS/Valuation Technologies Conference

Cyclomedia is proud to share that Connor Burns, Local Government Sales Manager, presented at this year’s GIS/Valuation Technologies Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The speaking session was also moderated by another member of Cyclomedia’s team, Alexander Hepp, Director of Assessment.

The GIS ValTech Conference is an annual conference held for professionals in Property Assessment, Tax Administration, Mapping and Information Technology to discuss GIS-integrated technologies which make valuation and assessment more accurate, efficient and applicable for jurisdictions of all sizes. The event is co-hosted by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) and the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). This year, over 300 professionals from all over the US joined to discuss their GIS solutions.

Connor Burns from Cyclomedia was selected to present at a speaking session on Leadership Development & Policy, and the enterprise deployment of technology. The goal of this session was to “Explore a practical approach to data collection and smart city applications to highlight how modern, GIS-enabled technologies support operational efficiencies across multiple departments”. Specifically, the City of Las Vegas wanted to promote their recent success in a citywide data collection project performed using Cyclomedia’s solutions.

By collecting 2,252 miles of imagery and LiDAR data, Cyclomedia provided an up-to-date asset inventory of 10 asset types and a 3D virtual twin of the City of Las Vegas. This data improves the City’s ability to more efficiently manage its traffic and road operations and optimize the lifespan of its assets. Burns, alongside Joseph Norby, Assistant City Traffic Engineer for the City of Las Vegas, delivered an hour-and-a-half long session where they proved the value of Cyclomedia’s solutions within the realm of Public Works and Assessment by discussing operational parallels between the two departments.

"The presentation was unique, and unexpected,” says Burns. “One might assume Public Works and Property Assessment have little in common, but it’s amazing how easy it is to highlight analogous systems and workflows. Whether it’s the value of properties to the value of assets, to building permits vs. work orders, street-level imagery and GIS play a key role.”

Cyclomedia’s innovative, GIS-driven solutions proved to be extremely beneficial for many departments within the City of Las Vegas’s jurisdiction. The project was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget, containing 326,587 GIS asset features. The high-resolution imagery and LiDAR collected will allow the city to perform detailed inspections of properties and assets​ right from their desktop, saving them both time and money.