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Blog | 19 July 2023

4 reasons to choose Cyclomedia Street Smart and not Google Earth Pro!

1. Up-to-date data

Cyclomedia Street Smart has the entire public space of the Netherlands in razor-sharp focus. Every year, these images are updated nationwide, which keeps them up to date. This makes Cyclomedia's image data the perfect basis for planning your work and inspecting public space from your desktop and mobile phone.

Google Earth Pro does not routinely acquire country-wide new images every year. For many applications, this data is too limited.

2. Image quality

The razor-sharp image quality and geometric accuracy of Cyclomedia Street Smart is widely used by business and government professionals. It saves time, money and ensures safety on site.

Google Earth Pro has less geometric correctness and lower image quality than Cyclomedia's Street Smart. Also, cloud fields interfere with the view from the satellite camera. These limitations pose serious obstacles to accurate measurements.

3. Multiple perspectives

Thanks to advanced recording equipment, Cyclomedia Street Smart provides images from different viewpoints, including aerial and water perspectives. Data layers such as trees, road markings and street lighting can be added to these images. This provides an exact digital copy of the public space with reliable image data.

Google Earth Pro only provides aerial and street-level images and offers limited possibilities to add data layers for contextual elements.

4. Suitable for professional use

Cyclomedia Street Smart offers a wide range of measurement points and orthogonal information in all available data. Measurements are based on LiDAR technology and can be performed directly on the razor-sharp imagery. All measurements can be saved and exported.

Google Earth Pro only offers the ability to measure distance, area and height. However, the lower geometric correctness shows significant discrepancies.

Try Street Smart for free now!

Thousands of professionals use our Street Smart application. Although Google Street View is free to all, it cannot be used commercially and the images cannot be downloaded. With Street Smart from Cyclomedia, you get razor-sharp images, accurate measurements, property inspections, share reports, run simulations and add reliable data layers for important decisions.

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