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City Positioner

Superb urban area positional quality

What is City Positioner?

Cyclomedia’s geo-data products are used for a variety of use cases. Many applications, such as asset management or project planning, require a certain level of position quality. A high position quality means that we know the location of a Cyclorama or LiDAR point cloud very accurately.

Given its complexity and importance, accurate georeferencing has been a key focus for Cyclomedia for decades and we are proud to say that we – as standard - offer customers market leading position quality. At Cyclomedia we are constantly exploring new ways to further improve our position quality. City Positioner is one of our innovative products that enable customers to get superb positional accuracy when this is required.

City Positioner uses points from Aerial LiDAR point clouds and matches them with our mobile mapping LiDAR point clouds. Aircraft or drones collecting aerial LiDAR normally have good GNSS reception since the signal is not obstructed by buildings or trees. Therefore, it is a very suitable and scalable technology to increase the positioning accuracy in urban areas.

Why it matters

Hochaus Smart City Skyscraper

To make sure you can do your job to the best of your abilities, we need to know where our mobile mapping system was at the time of capturing each image – and we need to know this very precisely.

Why? Because errors in the position of our recording locations will, for example, result in errors in the location of detected traffic signs, errors in the contours of road markings, errors in your measurements, and errors in the visualization of overlays.

City Positioner enables customers to get to a position quality with a maximum standard deviation of 5-10 cm*

*depends on the quality of the Aerial LiDAR


Important features

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